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2022 Endorsements

  • Anna Eshoo, US Congresswoman

  • Jennifer DiBrienza, Vice President, Palo Alto Unified School Board*

  • Shounak Dharap, Palo Alto Unified School Board*

  • Jesse Ladomirak, Palo Alto Unified School Board*

  • Greg Tanaka, Palo Alto City Council Member*

  • Grace Mah, Santa Clara County Office of Education Board Member*

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims, Palo Alto City Council Candidate

  • Larry Klein, Palo Alto Mayor and Palo Alto City Council Member (Fmr.)*

  • Greg Schmid, Palo Alto School Board Member (Fmr.), and Palo Alto City Council Member (Fmr.)*

  • Diane Reklis, Palo Alto School Board Member (Fmr.)*

  • Gail Price, Palo Alto School Board Member (Fmr.), and Palo Alto City Council Member (Fmr.)*

  • Susie Richardson, Palo Alto School Board Member (Fmr.)*

  • Cathy Kroymann, Palo Alto School Board Member (Fmr.)*

  • Terry Godfrey, Palo Alto School Board Member and President (Fmr.)*

  • Rob Bonta California Attorney General*

  • Evan Low, California State Assembly Member*

  • Mike Fong, California State Assembly Member*

  • Ted Lempert, Education Advocate and Former California State Assembly Member*

  • Susan Ellenberg, Santa Clara County Supervisor*

  • Otto Lee, Santa Clara County Supervisor*

  • Ellen Kamei, Mountain View City Council Member*

  • Lucas Ramirez, Mountain View City Council Member, Mayor*

  • Patrick Ahrens, Foothill- De Anza Community College District Trustee*

  • Gilbert Wong, Foothill- De Anza Community College District Trustee*

  • Wendi Mahaney-Gurahoo, San Jose Unified School District Board Member & Chief Community Impact Officer at First 5 Santa Clara County*

  • Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council*

  • Phong La, Alameda County Assessor*

  • Dr. Allan and Mary Seid, Co-Founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)*

  • Eimi Okano, Co-Founder of Asian Americans for Community Involvement*

  • Jeanette Arakawa, Co-Founder of Asian Americans for Community Involvement*

  • Connie Young Yu, Co-Founder of Asian Americans for Community Involvement*

  • Debra Cen, Co-Founder of Palo Alto Chinese Parents' Club and WizChinese*

  • Johanna Seah, Paly Student Board Representative*

  • Daniel Pan, Gunn Student Board Representative*

  • Jackie Wheeler, Community Activist

  • Brian and Nana Chancellor, PAUSD Parents

  • Frances and John Morse, Community Members

  • Beth May, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Marcia Pugsley, Community Member 

  • Steve Levy, Community Member

  • Michelle Higgins, PAUSD Parent

  • Elizabeth Beheler, PAUSD Parent

  • Alice Smith, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Stefania Pomponi, PAUSD Parent

  • Julia Moran, PAUSD Parent

  • Fred Chancellor, PhD in Public School Administration, former PAUSD Parent and current PAUSD grandparent

  • John Kelley, Community Member

  • Patty Irish, Community Member

  • Beethoven Bala, Community Member

  • Jinsong Guo, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Alan Liang, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Grace Liang, Former PAUSD Student

  • Lin Sun Hoffman, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Yu Xu, PAUSD Parent  

  • Xinru Zhang, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Gong Xie, Former PAUSD Parent 

  • LM Xu, PAUSD Alumni 

  • Jesse Dorogusker, PAUSD Parent

  • Alex Zhuang, Community Member 

  • Shangxia Xu, Community Member

  • Yu Yang, Community Member 

  • Binhe Wang, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Serena Wang, PAUSD Alumni

  • Kenneth Xu, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Ida Hua, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Eileen Xu, PAUSD Alumni

  • Florene Xu, PAUSD Alumni

  • Carolyn Caddes, Community Member

  • Phil Meyerson, Community Member

  • Tom Tsai, Community Member

  • Marcine Anne Seid, Community Member

  • Lynda Woo, Community Member

  • Stephen Lee, Community Member

  • Yvette Lee, Community Member

  • Stephanie Lee, Community Member

  • Alex Lee, Community Member

  • Skylar Dittmar, Community Member

  • Ron Kent, Community Member

  • Leah Ngo, Community Member

  • Ira Pamnani, PAUSD parent

  • Robin Sand, former PAUSD parent

  • Leah Russin, PAUSD Parent

  • Trina Currier, PAUSD Parent

  • Kate Skogen, PAUSD Parent

  • Barbara Gordon, Community Member

  • Lily Loh, Community Member

  • Juthicas Stangl, Community Member

  • Peter Stangl, Community Member

  • Joy Sleizer, Community Member

  • David Thornton, Community Member

  • Mary Alice Thornton, Community Member

  • Mary Anne Simpson, Community Member

  • Daniel Mock, Community Member

  • Shirley Mock, Community Member

  • Ann Clark, Community Member

  • Patty Irish, Community Member

  • Lynn Faust, Community Member

  • Carolyn Chinn, Community Member

  • Arlene Sullivan, Community Member

  • Linda Rose, Community Member

  • Nancy Flowers, Community Member

  • Mildred Jones, Community Member

  • Michelle Hewlett, Community Member

  • Bob Reklis, educator and former PAUSD Parent

  • Florrie Forrest, Community Member

  • Vincent Mock, Community Member

  • Myrtle Fong, Community Member

  • Dennice Lee, Community Member

  • Joanne Wong, Community Member

  • Monica Bjorkman, Community member

  • Mabel Wong, Community Member

  • Tammy Okuda, Community Member

  • Nancy Draper, Community Member

  • Elizabeth Chapman, Community Member

  • Lorraine Woo, Community Member

  • Barbara Cohen, Community Member

  • James Eaton, Community Member

  • Marjorie Calinawan, Community Member

  • Noel Calinawan, Community Member

  • Kimberly Shimasaki, Community Member

  • Dale Liebes, Community Member

  • Laura Card, Community Member

  • Wilford Low, Community Member

  • Ted Anderson, Community Member

  • Kristen Johnson, Community Member

  • Judy Shaw, Community Member

  • Lily Loh, Community Member

  • Miriam DeJongh, Community Member

  • Gloria Liu, Community Member

  • Roger Watkins, Community Member

  • Naomi Brown, Community Member

  • Kimbel Dion, Community Member

  • Charles Milford, Community Member

  • Mary Ann Willis, Community Member

  • Bill Jones, Community Member

  • Sharon Veech, Community Member

  • Titi Liu, Community Member

  • Yukari Lake, Community Member

  • David Torin, Community Member

  • Alice Woo, Community Member

  • Linda Nakano, Community Member

  • Rose Mann, Community Member

  • Orchid Mann, Community Member

  • Anne Van Dyke, Community Member

  • Loraine Nguyễn, Community Member

  • Gary Eng, Community Member

  • Juliet Eng, Community Member

  • Stanley Seto, Community Member

  • Raymond Lee, Community Member

  • June Lee, Community Member

  • Rowena Chiu, PAUSD Parent & #MeToo Activist

  • Christopher Chiang, Community Member

  • Beth Wahl, Community Member

  • Jill Asher, PAUSD Parent & Community Leader

  • Sandra Pearson, retired PAUSD Principal

  • Christina Schmidt, Parent and Community Advocate

  • Sara Woodham-Johnsson, Former PAUSD Parent

  • Santa Clara County Democratic Party

  • Palo Alto Educators Association

  • Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

  • South Bay Labor Council

  • Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club

  • Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN)

  • Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

  • National Women's Political Caucus - Silicon Valley

  • California School Employees Association, Chapter 301


  • The Campanile

* Titles for Identification Purposes Only

"Nicole Chiu-Wang can proudly have my endorsement. I have gotten the chance to talk to her and get to know her goals for the Board. I believe what she is fighting for is very important and should be heard more throughout this district. I know that if elected, she would stand for us students and fight for our voices." 

- Daniel Pan, Gunn Student Board Representative

"I proudly endorse Nicole Chiu-Wang. As soon as I heard her speak, I could already tell she was an incredibly dedicated and passionate person. She has repeatedly shown up for students and is honestly such an inspiration to me. Especially as an Asian woman and student who has struggled with mental health, I know she will be someone who fights for issues that affect us." 

- Johannah Seah, Paly Student Board Representative

"We wholeheartedly endorse Nicole Chiu-Wang for election to our PAUSD School board. She is one of the rare school board candidates that has a solid background in university-level ethnic studies and women’s equity programs coupled with post-law school training with significant community engagement with minority and Asian American organizations focused on racial, ethnic and gender populations’ historical and current struggles to become accepted as full- fledged Americans. Nicole’s unique knowledge and experience is vitally needed on our school board where Asian and other minority American students constitute near forty percent of Palo Alto’s k-12 student body."

- Allan and Mary Seid, Co-Founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement

"NIicole Chiu-Wang is a leader who is thoughtful and committed to providing exemplary educational experiences for our students.  She will improve student outcomes and provide the support our parents, teachers and staff need to bring high quality learning to  classrooms to ensure every child achieves their maximum potential. 

What I really like about Nicole is that she is a working professional and working mom which will provide the needed fresh perspective that our schools need. I strongly support her to serve on our Palo Alto School Board and I encourage you to do the same." 

- Greg Tanaka, Palo Alto City Council Member

"Representation matters. We believe in our public schools and believe that a diverse board will best represent our district. Nicole will add several currently-missing pieces to our 5-person school board: her Chinese heritage (40% of our students are of Asian descent), her status as a renter (half of our students live in rentals), and her fresh perspectives and enthusiasm as a mother who specifically chose this place to move to and raise her children. Nicole is hard-working, kind, has done her homework, shares our priorities and has a lot of skin in the game with her oldest having just started PAUSD.  She will make a unique and excellent addition to the current board and we enthusiastically support her."

- Nana and Brian Chancellor, PAUSD Parents

"Nicole brings  experience and insight as a parent and significant abilities to navigate complex legal and budgetary challenges. She will be purposeful in working with the community, the District staff, and colleagues to get impactful results. I’m voting for Nicole and I encourage you to do the same!"
- Julia Moran, PAUSD Parent

"Nicole’s professional background as an attorney and  business owner demonstrate her  expertise in managing multi-million dollar budgets, complex challenges, and solutions. She will be a caring  knowledgeable and strong PAUSD Board member. Vote for Nicole !"

- Hon. Gail Price, Former PAUSD School Board Member

“After receiving my PhD in public school administration, I moved my family to Palo Alto more than 50 years ago for my children to be able to attend some of the best public schools in the country. I have since had 3 children and 5 grandchildren attend PAUSD schools. I am in my 80s now but still very much keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our district. I have enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Chiu-Wang and wholeheartedly support her for our School Board. She cares about equity and mental health as much as she does academic excellence.”
- Fred Chancellor, Former PAUSD Parent, and PAUSD Grandparent

"At every step, Nicole will keep Palo Alto children as her top priority. From her work as a tech entrepreneur to her time as an attorney, she knows how to get things done and get results. Her commitment to public schools is grounded in creating a more inclusive place for students of all ages in this generation, and beyond. I am proud to endorse Nicole Chiu-Wang for Palo Alto School Board because she will focus on equity and promoting academic success for students of all backgrounds in Palo Alto."

- Rob Bonta, Attorney General of California

“When I first met Nicki, I was bowled over by her infectious energy and passion for issues that impact Palo Alto. Her wide range of career paths herald a fresh approach and transferable skills that I believe would benefit all our children. As the parent of four Asian Americans, I am thrilled to see potential representation on the board that reflects the diversity and global outlook of the community we live in.”

- Rowena Chiu, PAUSD Parent & #MeToo Activist

"I’m proud to support Nicole because her commitment to our kids begins with strengthening ECE opportunities and ends with kids having the option to choose their future. Along the way she wants to make mental health and well-being a priority and, as part of that, look at ways to assess best teaching practices and share those ideas so all students can benefit.

The other reason I’m supporting Nicole: Representation Matters. As a person who identifies as mixed/Asian—and so do my kids—it is important that our school board members reflect the community they serve. Children need to see themselves reflected in positive roles, and it will be a very positive thing for Asian kids—especially girls and those who identify as girls—to see an Asian woman representing them on the school board. 

Please join me in casting your vote this November for Nicole!"

- Stefania Pomponi, PAUSD Parent

"I am so thrilled to see Nicole, finally, a Chinese American candidate to run for PAUSD Board. PAUSD Board needs an Asian American who can connect and engage 1/3 of the community to serve on its board!"

- Debra Cen, Co-Founder of Palo Alto Chinese Parents' Club and WizChinese

"Nicole will work for PAUSD's community: parents, students, faculty and non-academic staff. That Nicole’s skill set includes being a lawyer, an entrepreneur, company executive and now she wants to contribute her skills to our school district is commendable. I like her openness. We have discussed issues facing the district: mental and physical health, the unhoused, those who love school, those who act out at school, each child has special needs, some children come to school hungry.....   I will be voting for Nicole on November 8th.   Do meet Nicole and find out for yourself!" 

- Alice Smith, Former PAUSD Parent

"Representation matters. Nicole’s experiences as an Asian American woman, business leader, and mom are vital to helping us understand how to evolve the PAUSD to meet the needs of children of color and others who have traditionally been left behind. From the vital importance of early childhood education, to the imperative to respect, value, and teach the whole student, to improving youth mental health so all children envision a bright future for themselves, Nicole gets it. And she has the brilliance, passion, and unbridled commitment necessary for getting stuff done." 

- Julie Lythcott-Haims, Former PAUSD Parent

"Nicole brings a fresh perspective as a relatively recent resident, renter, and mom of young children, both of whom are enrolled in PAUSD schools. She is listening to a lot of people and building a lot of bridges between different groups. Her prior work and life experiences have given her the skills to be an effective school board trustee. And she has a deep understanding of equity issues, which will help her as PAUSD carries out our district equity plan." 

- Linda Henigin, MSEd, PAUSD Parent, Community and School Volunteer 

"SO. MUCH. YES. for Nicole Chiu-Wang. She has energy, values, commitment, smarts, experience, bridge-building passion." 

- Kelda Jamison, PAUSD Parent

"Nicole has solid organizational leadership experience, a learning mindset, and a commitment to serving all students that will serve our students, staff, and families well. I enthusiastically support her." 

- Terry Godfrey, Former PAUSD School Board President and Member

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