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Nicole Chiu-Wang


Meet Nicole Chiu-Wang.

Entrepreneur. Attorney. Daughter of Public Servants. 
Mother to two young children. 



Anna Eshoo

US Congresswoman


Susan Ellenberg

Santa Clara County Supervisor


Jennifer DiBrienza

Vice President,


Shounak Dharap

School Board Member, PAUSD


Jesse Ladomirak

School Board Member, 

 "I am proud to endorse Nicole Chiu-Wang for Palo Alto School Board. Nicole understands the challenges our community faces and the importance of putting our kids first. She will champion initiatives to expand mental and behavioral health services and improve equity and the quality of life for every child and family in the District. Her vision and work ethic will make Palo Alto Unified a more compassionate, safe, and healthy place for everyone.”   
Supervisor Susan Ellenberg

" Nicole knows firsthand how important providing an excellent public education is to every student. She is driven by passion and a strong desire for continuous improvement. On the Palo Alto School Board, she will fight to expand access to affordable childcare and to ensure every student can succeed and pursue their dreams. Please join me in voting for Nicole Chiu-Wang this election."  
PAUSD Vice President, Jennifer DiBrienza

" We wholeheartedly endorse Nicole Chiu-Wang for election to our PAUSD School board. She is one of the rare school board candidates  that has a solid background in university-level ethnic studies and women’s equity programs coupled with post-law school training with significant community engagement with minority and Asian American organizations focused on racial, ethnic and gender populations’ historical and current struggles to become accepted as full- fledged Americans. Nicole’s unique knowledge and experience is vitally needed on our school board where Asian and other minority American students constitute near forty percent of Palo Alto’s K-12 student body."  
Dr. Allan and Mary Seid, CoFounders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)*


Brian & Nana Chancellor

Paly Parents


Dr. Allan and Mary Seid

Co-Founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

Gail Price

Gail Price

Former School Board Member, PAUSD

Julie Lythcott Haims

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Former Gunn Parent

 "Representation matters. We believe in our public schools and believe that a diverse board will be represent our district. Nicole will add several currently-missing pieces to our 5-person board: her Chinese heritage (40% of our students are of Asian descent), her status as a renter (half of our students live in rentals) and her fresh perspectives and enthusiasm as a mother who specifically chose this place to move to and raise her children. Nicole is hard-working, kind, and has done her homework. She shares our priorities and has a lot of skin in the game with her oldest having just started PAUSD. She will make a unique and excellent addition to the current board and we enthusiastically support her.”   
Brian and Nana Chancellor, PAUSD Parents

Nicole’s professional background as an attorney and  business owner demonstrate her  expertise in managing multi-million dollar budgets, complex challenges, and solutions. She will be a caring  knowledgable and strong PAUSD Board member. Vote for Nicole !
Gail Price, Former School Board Member, PAUSD and Former Palo Alto City Council Member

 "Representation matters. Nicole’s experiences as an Asian American woman, business leader, and mom are vital to helping us understand how to evolve the PAUSD to meet the needs of children of color and others who have traditionally been left behind. From the vital importance of early childhood education, to the imperative to respect, value, and teach the whole student, to improving youth mental health so all children envision a bright future for themselves, Nicole gets it. And she has the brilliance, passion, and unbridled commitment necessary for getting stuff done.”   
Julie Lythcott-Haims, Palo Alto Resident and former
PAUSD Parent

“After receiving my PhD in public school administration, I moved my family to Palo Alto more than 50 years ago for my children to be able to attend some of the best public schools in the country. I have since had 3 children and 5 grandchildren attend PAUSD schools. I am in my 80s now but still very much keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our district. I have enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Chiu-Wang and wholeheartedly support her for our School Board. She cares about equity and mental health as much as she does academic excellence.”
Fred Chancellor, PhD in Public School Administration, former PAUSD Parent and current PAUSD Grandparent

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